What is Dad’s Class all about?

As a Dad that loves his kids, I wanted to be fully engaged in their lives, encouraging and available. So, when Sarah, our first child was less than a year old I started spending one-on-one time with her. When we were blessed with five more children over the next ten years it made even more sense for me to make time for each of them in a similar way. We called our appointments “Dad’s Class” and the name stuck.

Frequently I or another member of our family would mention Dad’s Class and someone hearing it would ask, “What’s Dad’s Class?”. When we’d describe what it was they’d often want to know more.

I’m quick to tell you, and anyone that I’m not a perfect Dad and my family isn’t perfect either (although I am very, very proud of them).

The book DAD’S CLASS is written to encourage fathers to take an active roll in the lives of their families.

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